World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Joe Leach is a Phenom 100 & 300 instructor and has been flying and teaching in the Phenom since the beginning in 2009.

Joe is truly an aviation kid all grown up. He soloed on his 16th birthday, got his private pilot license on his 17th birthday, and has been flying now for over 52 years in all types of aircraft.. He holds an ATP in both airplanes and helicopters. His certificates include a CFI/I Fixed Wing, CFI/I Rotary Wing, CFI glider and an A&P ticket. Joe lives and breaths aviation from all angles.

Joe started his professional flying career as an Army Warrant Officer flying and teaching in helicopters for 35 years in the Reserves until his retirement. If that wasn't enough, Joe also taught as a High School teacher for 33 years until his second retirement. Since his two retirements, Joe has been the Chief Pilot for two different 135 operators, and flies as a contract pilot and instructor in the G-IV, Lear 60, Citation 560, King Air 350, Phenom 100 and BH204 (Huey). Retirement is not part of Joe's life.

Joe has a unique winning combination of flight experience and a teacher's knowledge of how to present information a student can comprehend and demonstrate that serves him well when instructing owner / operators. When Joe is not flying, you can usually find him on the golf course near his home in Sarasota, Florida.

Joe Leach
Joe Leach
Phenom 100 & 300 IP / Mentor