World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Matthew Haynes is an Eclipse 500 instructor pilot and has been flying the Eclipse since 2008. Matthew has been flying and teaching for the past 25 years amassing over 8000 hours and has been involved in aviation related small businesses his whole life. Unlike a lot of contract instructors and mentors, Matthew dove into the Eclipse as a business venture and has been successful at instructing, mentoring, operating, and managing Eclipses ever since.

Matthew operates Eclipse Management LLC which manages, operates, and charters several Eclipse aircraft for owner / operators. He also employs and manages five pilots and an on-site Eclipse maintenance team. His unique business model has been successful at growing the Eclipse fleet and makes flying the Eclipse economical and a pleasure for both owners and pilots.

Matthew's instructional skills are equally matched by his knowledge of how to maintain and operate the Eclipse as an owner and operator. He brings a wonderful practical experience to both flying and maintaining the Eclipse jet for any new owner transitioning into a new jet. Matthew truly understands the joy of flying and the challenges of ownership.

Matthew resides in Colorado Springs Colorado, and when not flying, can be found relaxing in the mountains sking, hiking, and camping with his family.

Matthew Haynes
Matthew Haynes
Eclipse 500 IP / Mentor