World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
$1000 per day (discounts available)
The Eclipse 500 is a very easy and enjoyable airplane to fly from one airfield to another, but it is a very challenging airplane to fly to the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) during the marathon-like profile for an Eclipse single pilot type rating. Because of this, some pilots from high experience to low may need additional training days beyond the FAA minimum flight syllabus (7 flights and 16 hours) in order to demonstrate the skills necessary to pass the FAA check ride. We have found that there is no direct relationship between a pilot's total hour experience and additioanal training needed. It really varies by the quality and consistency of flying the pilot has experienced and types of aircraft flown. Practically speaking, your instructor must observe you demonstrate the ability to pass your check ride before you are recommended to take your FAA type rating practical test.

Norton Aviation instructors realize that this situation places a lot of trust and fiscal responsibility upon the recommendation for the check ride and we strive to accomplish this in the minimum amount of time and at the lowest cost to the pilot. Our priority is for each pilot we send for a check ride to pass the first time with confidence. Our first-time pass rate continues to be over 90%, with the majority of those pilots needing less than 5 additional days (in several cases; zero additional days).

The following pricing provides discounts for training two pilots at the same time and for pilots needing more than 5 extra days:
1 to 5 days = $1000 per day
6 to 10 days = $900 per day
(10% discount)
11 or more days = $800 per day (20% discount)
1 to 5 days = $800 per day per pilot ($1600 per day) (20% discount)
6 to 10 days = $700 per day per pilot ($1400 per day) (30% discount)
11 or more days = $600 per day per pilot ($1200 per day) (40% discount)
Norton Aviation's training programs are specifically designed to accomplish the training on your schedule and at your location so you don't have to spend long amounts of time away from family and/or business. We will work with you to make your training schedule as efficient and comfortable as possible with days off when needed. However, if you require additional days off that were not scheduled, there will be a modest fee of $500 per day to cover the instructor's down day pay. Any down days due to weather or unscheduled aircraft maintenance will normally become opportunities for a day off or ground training such as practice orals or brushing up on any weak knowledge areas. Also, training at your location may require dedicated travel days for the instructor depending on the commercial flight schedules. Any travel day that is not in conjunction with a training day will be charged $500 per travel day.