World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
$1000 per day plus expenses
Following the successful completion of your FAA type rating check ride, you will be required by the FAA to accomplish mentoring in your Eclipse 500. Norton Aviation's mentor program is a safe and comfortable way to transition from the focused type rating training environment to real world flying. The program is designed to let you experience your Eclipse the way you will into the future. This fun and non-threating training will give you the skills and confidence to fly into any airspace at any time of the day safely, and it will give you an appreciation of what your Eclipse can really do at altitude and in and out of all kinds of airfields.

Norton Aviation's mentor pilots have been flying their entire lives and can teach you the professional's tricks of the trade with skills like flight planning, fuel planning, weather avoidance, long range procedures, FBO procedures, international procedures (if desired), RVSM operations, short field operations, and busy Class B airspace arrivals and departures.

The length of mentoring is determined by your previous experience and is event based rather than hourly based. Depending on your pilot experience and number of flights you desire to fly each day, mentoring can take anywhere from one (1) to seven (7) days. The destinations are very flexible and you and your mentor pilot will work out a schedule based on your event list and your schedule and preferences. If your mentor pilot will need to travel on a non-mentoring day (i.e before or after mentoring), there is a $500 travel day fee for each day of travel.

We have found time and time again that at first some pilots are reluctant to believe the benefits of mentoring, but once accomplished, they are so glad they did and end up continuing a collaborative relationship with their mentor pilot. Our mentor pilots are a great resource and just a phone call away to answer questions or just to tell a good story to a fellow aviator even years after you earn your type rating.

Pilots that have been previously type rated in a turbine powered airplane equipped with a glass cockpit as a single pilot may be exempted from the Mentoring program.