World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Before a pilot can begin Norton Aviation's Eclipse Initial Type Rating Training Program, the pilot must hold a minimum of a Private Pilot certificate single engine airplane with instrument rating or foreign license equivalent. Please call us if you do not hold the minimum ratings and we can explain your options. The following three prerequisites must be accomplished or proof of exemption must be provided before a pilot can begin the ground and flight training;
This on-line course is done at home on your own schedule and is actually five courses in one. The courses are designed to provide a pilot who is transitioning to a jet for the first time and covers topics such as jet engines, high altitude aerodynamics and weather, hypoxia and use of oxygen , jet regulations, RVSM operations, on-board weather radar techniques, and on-board Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS) operation. This course also serves as the mandatory ground training for pilots to receive their high altitude endorsement and RVSM operations training certificate.
Pilots previously Type Rated in any turbine powered aircraft can be exempt from this course, but may still need to complete an RVSM training course if not qualified previously.
2. Flight Skills Assessment (FSA) - $1000 plus expenses (proof of IFR currency exempts pilot)
The FSA is a one (1) day ground training and flight in any IFR equipped aircraft of your choice and is designed to not only update your IFR currency, but give you (and us) a better understanding of how long it will take to complete your type rating training. The FSA concentrates on reviewing the basic instrument procedures and skills that will be crucial to the success in your type rating training. The FSA can be scheduled to be the first day prior to the start of your type rating training or anytime prior.
Pilots who can show proof of an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) within the last six months or pilots who can show proof of 5 hours IFR plus 10 approaches flown in the last 90 days may be exempt from the FSA.
3. At-Home Study Program on the Eclipse 500 - Included (no exemptions)
The at-home study program consists of a well organized workbook that guides you through your Eclipse 500 Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) and Norton Aviation's Standard Operating Practices (SOP) manual. The workbook facilitates your reading comprehension and systems knowledge that will prepare you for your FAA oral exam. All of the information gained through the workbook study will be reinforced in the one-on-one classroom training at the start of your type rating or recurrent training.
1. Jet Pilot Transition "All-in-One" Kit - $482 (Previous Type Rated pilots are exempt)
The only prerequisite for the recurrent training is to complete Norton Aviation's At-Home Study workbook which will be emailed to you upon scheduling your training dates.