World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
$3800 plus expenses
10% Discount for two pilots at the sametime
Norton Aviation's FAA and insurance approved recurrent training program stems from our vast collective experience in flying the Eclipse from before it was certified, to delivering several over oceans and foreign continents, to flying it everyday while experiencing the most common issues. Our program will not only bring you up to date on your systems knowledge and instrument skills, but you will learn more about your Eclipse than you were ever taught in your inital type rating training. By building on what you already know, we will dive in deeper to how the Eclipse 500 operates and the pluses and minuses to its extensive computer architecture.

Although the FAA approved program reviews most of the manuevers you rarely do in normal flying, there is plenty of room to tailor the training to your specific needs and desires. We will give you the training you want most from short field practice to AVIO NG 1.7 with FIKI, the new IFMS, and busy airspace to using your Garmin equipment (if equipped) or your iPad inflight.

The training is performed at any location you desire and on your schedule, and depending on the base location of the instructor, this may incur a travel day or two at $500 per day. You will find the learning atmosphere is very relaxed and includes the annual 61.58 FAA check ride. Besides the Eclipse recurrent requirement, the instructor will be able to endorse you for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) if you desire. We provide your required FAR part 61.58 FAA Proficiency Check using our on-staff Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) and Pilot Proficiency Examiners (PPE) who will also be your instructor for your recurrent training.

Norton Aviation's two day Recurrent training program consists of:
DAY ONE: (usually 7 to 8 hours)
- 4 Hours of classroom instruction including topics on Aircraft Systems, Seasonal and Safety Issues, Common Fleet Issues, and techniques for using your avioncs in your Eclipse
- Flight briefing followed by an approximate two (2) hour training flight reviewing instrument skills, unusual systems operations, Garmin operations (if equipped), FIKI, IFMS, and the pilot's training preferences
DAY TWO: (usually 3 to 4 hours)
- A flight briefing followed by a training flight practicing an in-flight abnormal scenario. The scenario is designed with no right or wrong answer, but to explore the possibilities of aeronautical decision making techniques. You will get to make in-flight decisions and play them out to logical conclusions where the QRH checklist may or may not be of help. Your 61.58 PIC proficiency check will finish off the flying on the second day.