World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
Single-Pilot and Two-Pilot
$12,800 plus expenses
10% Discount for two pilots at the same time
The core type rating ground and flight training is normally accomplished in 10 days. The program is designed to give an experienced jet pilot the FAA minimum required training (7 flights and 16 hours) in order to be recommended to take the FAA Type Rating check ride. Pilots transitioning to their first jet type rating or pilots needing a little more practice may need Extra Training Days in order to demonstrate the skills in accordance with the ATP / Type Rating Practical Test Standards (PTS). This is where Norton Aviation's experienced instructors are of great value. We have type rated more first-time jet pilots than anyone. We know how to efficiently train pilots from ages 24 to 87, from professional to private, and we will end up saving you time, money, and frustration during the process.

Norton Aviation's program is tailored to fit your needs and can be performed in your aircraft at any location you desire. The schedule is up to you and we can complete your training in minimum time or at a pace that best fits your learning curve and lifestyle. Most important is for you to feel comfortable and safe in the Eclipse 500.

The program uses a building block approach and consists of four stages:
STAGE 1 - Three (3) days of classroom and cockpit ground instruction
Aircraft systems and performance, limitations, normal and emergency procedures, flight planning, risk management, cockpit procedures, and ground operations
STAGE 2 - Two (2) training flights in aircraft handling and VFR procedures
Basic aircraft handling, PTS airwork manuevers, VFR take-offs and landings
STAGE 3 - Three (3) training flights in IFR procedures and approaches
IFR flight planning, instrument approach procedures, PFD crosscheck, instrument take-offs and landings, RNAV approaches (if equipped), and IFR regulations
STAGE 4 - Two (2) training flights in abnormal procedures and practice FAA check ride
IFR approaches with abnormals, in-flight emergency management, and PTS check ride preparation.
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Norton Aviation can provide you with an Eclipse Second-in-Command endorsement or type rating. The only requirement is to hold a private pilot certificate with a multiengine rating and receive the training. If you plan to fly under IFR then you would also need an instument rating. The program consists of the at-home study, one to three days days of classroom and cockpit instruction, and a minimum of one flight. The program and price can be tailored to fit your needs and desires and is a great way for any private pilot to start building flight time and experience in the Eclipse 500.