World Class Pilot Training in Light Jets
$1000 to $7000 (one to two days)
Call us for a training provider near you
Norton Aviation has partnered with several aerobatic and upset recovery schools across the country and abroad in order to make this Eclipse 500 FAA-required training logistically easier for our customers. The training partners we have identified are expereinced aerobatic and upset recovery instructors in aerobatic aircraft from a super decathlon to L-39 jets. Each training provider has been given the FAA-approved Norton Aviation upset recovery Syllabus and will tailor their program to give you the training required per the FAA's advisory circular 61-137b for the Eclipse 500's requirements. Understanding that aerobatics are not often practiced or even performed by most pilots, the training is also tailored to your phsyologocal limits so that the training will be a positive and learning expereince.
The training is designed to give you an educated look into the dyanmic flight environment that one may get into flying this very light jet, and to actually practice the recovery techniques in an aerobatic aircraft to get out of an unusaual attitude safely. We encourage all of our customers to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity and select a training provider that fits within your desires and budget. The price and length of the course may vary based on training provider and the aircraft used. Give us a call for a list of possible training providers nearest you.